The Christmas muse needs a vacation

hpim0417ed.jpgThere are some shops in the area who want some of the beaded ornament drapes I make. I’ve been working on them and have about a dozen made and have about 6 weeks before I need to have them all finished. My Cmas. muse won’t leave me alone. I have a beautiful cherry burl wood cabachon (cab) that I got from a friend on a beading forum. I want to make a necklace out of this cab, but Cmas. muse keeps running through my head like the freakin’ sugar plum fairy. All I need is about 3 days to do the necklace-once I get it figured out what beads I’ll use. Anybody want to take a holiday muse to the Bahamas for a long weekend?


2 Responses to “The Christmas muse needs a vacation”

  1. dawnmorningstar Says:

    These ornaments are really enchanting with lots of bling. Do you have a tutorial posted on how to make them? I’d love to try my hand at some for Christmas presents.

  2. Jewelry Making Supplies Says:

    I loved the article! These types of resources are extremely valuable to anyone interested in making jewelry. I can’t wait to read some more of your articles!

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