Bead break

I’ve been making lots of holiday ornament drapes lately and I am finished with those-till next year at least. I got a wonderful turquoise teardrop from a friend and I am going to create a necklace for me out of that. Even though I wear a lot of my jewelry, I seldom make things for me. Selecting the beads and deciding on the chain style will be the hardest part. The actual making of the piece is easy-usually.

I’ve been making jewelry off and on for many years, but last year, I discovered the wonderful world of seed beads. The colors are endless and I think that is one of the things that enthralls me about them. The patterns are endless, too. Limited only by your creativity. Creativity is hardwired into my DNA. I come from a long line of creative, crafty people in all kinds of mediums. I got my first bead loom when I was 10 and used the beads up really fast. Back then, it wasn’t easy to find more, so on the shelf it went. I have a loom my husband made for me now. I haven’t used it much lately, but it’s beginning to call my name. I may use it to create the chain for the turquoise drop. There are so many design ideas in my head and scribbled on bits of paper, that sometimes I don’t know which project to start next. I will tell about the creative journey here-both the smooth paths and the rough ones.


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