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Jewelry making forums

January 30, 2008

The forum where I am the seed bead mod has a new name and a great new look. The new name is StarvingJewelryArtists and we can be found here  Pop in, have a look around and join us if you like what you see. There are some incredibley talented people there from lampworkers, maillers, seed beaders and more. We are also able to host pics.


Bead stash pics

January 30, 2008

I finally got around to getting some pics of my bead stash taken.

These are DynaMite seed beads-size 11-made by Matsuno-from FMG (Fire Mountain Gems). They come in 40 gram boxes and I love them for looming and just about anything else. They are really consistant in size.

This is a pic of all my bugle beads. Some are Ornelas, some MingTree and the rest, just a mix of brands.

This is an assortment of seed beads from Delicas, Tohos, and Ornelas to just odd beads I’ve picked up here and there.

This is the MingTree stash. They come in 1/4 pound boxes from FMG, too. They are great for netting and un-structured stitches. They aren’t consistant enough in size for peyote or looming.

I get my Toho beads from Rings-n-Things and pretty much else from FMG. I like their assortable pricing and I like their “generic” beads like the DynaMites and MingTree.

With the excepton of size 13 charlottes, from R-n-T, most of my beads are 11’s, 8’s ad 6’s. Anything smaller than the 13’s, I can barely see.

So what’s in your stash?

The beads have arrived

January 18, 2008

For those of us addicted to beading and jewelry making, waiting for a bead order is like being a little kid waiting for Santa. My beads arrived as scheduled Tues. and I had time to check them out before I left for work. Not much can beat opening a box and seeing all kinds of sparkly colors-the ideas instantly started flowing. My muse was doing hand stands in excitement. I was off Wed., so I got to check off the invoice and add them to my inventory book that I carry around in my purse. I keep this book in my purse so if I am out and see beads, I know what colors and sizes I have on hand.

Then came the fun part. Most of the seed beads I ordered come in some sort of box, so all I really had to do with them was put them in the drawers that I had re-done to fit this massive amount of beads. I also ordered a lot of bugle beads-they usually come in pre-strung hanks. I don’t like beads on hanks because if one of the hank threads slips out of that nice little knot that holds them all together, there are way too many beads to pick up off the floor. I got a lot of twisted bugles. They reflect the light in a thousand ways. I got regular bugles, too, but those twisted ones are just cool. I would have loved to have taken some pictures of my new stash, but I like to take pics with daylight and we have actually gotten some rain the last couple of days, so it was too cloudy. I will take some when it clears up. That way I can show you what about 20 pounds of seed beads look like all neatly organized in drawers. I need to take pics of the neat drawers because once I get started on projects, the “neat” description of the drawers will no longer hold true.

Survived the holidays

January 13, 2008

hpim0437ed1.jpghpim0440.jpgFinally work and life have slowed down enough to let me update this. I am so glad the holidays are over. They just weren’t the same without my son. I got a couple of necklaces finished, but have decided to specialize in Cmas. ornaments-mostly drapes. They sell like crazy and are fast and fun to make. I’m waiting on a bead order that is supposed to arive Tues.. The necklaces I finished were both variations of a stitch called St. Petersburg. It’s a great stitch, but isn’t sturdy enough to do what I had intended, so I modified it and changed one into a choker and the other has a delicate fringed focal on it, like the earrings. I changed the color scheme, too. That’s all part of designing things, I guess. Ideas into realities turn into many modifactions. Or alternative uses.

I don’t much care for New Year’s resolutions, but made 3 this year. Made 2 last year and accomplished one, so I figured I would try 3 and see what happens. One  (and  one I really want to keep) is to quit smoking this year. I used to enjoy it to a certain point, but now I’m tired of it. My husband and I go through 3 cartons a week, sometimes 4. That’s a lot of seed beads going up in smoke every month. Besides, I would like to bounce grandchildren on my knee one day. The 2nd resolution is to update my blog at least twice a week. The 3rd is to get more focused on marketng my jewelry. I know I can do 2 and 3, but the 1st one has me scared. If you have quit smoking after doing it for years and years, I will listen to any and all advice and suggestions.