The beads have arrived

For those of us addicted to beading and jewelry making, waiting for a bead order is like being a little kid waiting for Santa. My beads arrived as scheduled Tues. and I had time to check them out before I left for work. Not much can beat opening a box and seeing all kinds of sparkly colors-the ideas instantly started flowing. My muse was doing hand stands in excitement. I was off Wed., so I got to check off the invoice and add them to my inventory book that I carry around in my purse. I keep this book in my purse so if I am out and see beads, I know what colors and sizes I have on hand.

Then came the fun part. Most of the seed beads I ordered come in some sort of box, so all I really had to do with them was put them in the drawers that I had re-done to fit this massive amount of beads. I also ordered a lot of bugle beads-they usually come in pre-strung hanks. I don’t like beads on hanks because if one of the hank threads slips out of that nice little knot that holds them all together, there are way too many beads to pick up off the floor. I got a lot of twisted bugles. They reflect the light in a thousand ways. I got regular bugles, too, but those twisted ones are just cool. I would have loved to have taken some pictures of my new stash, but I like to take pics with daylight and we have actually gotten some rain the last couple of days, so it was too cloudy. I will take some when it clears up. That way I can show you what about 20 pounds of seed beads look like all neatly organized in drawers. I need to take pics of the neat drawers because once I get started on projects, the “neat” description of the drawers will no longer hold true.



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