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I had a weird day off

February 27, 2008

I had a very strange day off yesterday. I’ve been working 11 hour shifts because my boss is gone and I get to be the head inmate running the asylum. I was tired when I got up, but couldn’t sleep any more. I was working on that first, wonderful cup of coffee, looking out the window to see if the deer would show up. (We feed them.) Then, I noticed a large fox had one of the cats, Mr. Skits, cornered, seriously considering having him for breakfast. That was probably the next to last thought the fox had. His last probably was “whoa, what was….? The fox started showing up a few years ago. At first, they were kind of cool-they ran the coyotes off. Now, I think they should be wiped from the face of the earth-well, not literally. They have wiped out every ground dwelling creature that used to live in our woods. There aren’t any more rabbits, whip-or-wills, very few snakes, including indigo snakes which are already an endangered species, quail and this years crop of gopher tortise-they ate the tortise eggs. So I am pretty much fed up with the fox. All the does we feed are pregnant and I worry about what will happen to this seasons fawns when they are born. I guess that’s why that one zeroed in on Mr. Skits-they’ve eaten everything else and he’s a little chunky.

So after that excitement, I was doing some beading-all comfy in my bead chair, waiting on the storms that were forecast to be heading our way. I’m making some componenets to put together for an ornament drape. I absolutely love thunderstorms-especially southern ones. The house was open because it was nice and warm. The storms announced themselves with a huge gust of wind that blew through the house and SLAMMED the back door closed. I jumped-apparently higher than I thought-over turned my bead tray and spent the next half an hour picking up seed beads off the floor. Anyone who has ever done this knows how much fun this is-NOT!! At least they were colors that did not blend in with the carpet.

Then the storm really hit. At one point, I think we were having close to 1000 lightening strikes an hour-my kind of storm. I have always love thunderstorms-even when I was a little kid and most of my friends ran screaming and crying from them, my parents were pulling me out of the window. It was cool until the sky got that weird greenish cast to it and we got a bunch of hail about the size of those big, fozen peas. I was a little spooked that we were going to have a tornado, but happily we didn’t. All we got was a major cold front that has kept the wind chill around 40 or lower today.

All in all, yesterday was one of those days that will definately remain memorable.


Just plain hectic

February 19, 2008

That’s how work, life and beading have been lately. I know the Daytona 500 is part of the reason work has been nuts, not sure what the other reasons are. Spring break starts for some schools up North next week, so that will just add to the confusion.

I’ve been designing some ornament drapes and tried my hand at writing tutes. Kudos to those who write seed bead tutes. I decided to try and bead a few rows, write down what I did, then bead a few more rows, and so on. That worked out pretty good-until I lost the paper I had written the first rows down on. AAARRGGGHHH!!!!! Turned the house upside down looking for it to no avail. After about 3 days of this, that’s when I decided to leave the tute writing to the real pros. LOL! The drape is coming along nicely, though.

The weather has been gorgeous lately and that lures me away from the beads,too. I messed around in the flower bed the other day, pulling weeds and junk like that. I really prefer being outside especially after winter. I love the feel of the warm sun on my face. I think that’s one of the reasons I love fishing. It’s outside, it’s on the water and I’ve always loved the water, and it’s fun. It’s really fun when you catch dinner, but I’m happy being outside.

Yay Giants!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

February 5, 2008

I am so happy that the Giants beat the Pats. Not that I’m a big Giant fan or anything. You see, I am a Miami Dolphi fan. I remember how the Dolphins rocked in ’72 and so did our whole neighborhood. Both my parents were Dolphin fans, so it’s in my DNA. Since I am hard wired to be a Dolphin fan, I am also hard wired to NEVER, EVER root for the Pats. I can’t believe the way the Pats played. I was terrified they would be stomping all over the Giants by half time. What a delightful halftime score that was. Good half-time show, too. I used to et to see Tom Petty play at the St. Augustine armory-for $5 bucks. Of course, that was before he was really famous. The last 5 minutes of the game were spent on the edge of my chair-beads on the table. I’m sure I freaked a few deer out whooping and hollering the entire last 35 seconds of the game. They will get over it. What I would like to know-what’s up with Belichek not shaking Coughlin’s hand after the game? I know he had already left the field, but he should have come back out on the field and done that. Maybe he was mad because he couldn’t cheat this time. Boo on you, Mr. Belichek. Just one more reason to not like the Pats.