Yay Giants!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am so happy that the Giants beat the Pats. Not that I’m a big Giant fan or anything. You see, I am a Miami Dolphi fan. I remember how the Dolphins rocked in ’72 and so did our whole neighborhood. Both my parents were Dolphin fans, so it’s in my DNA. Since I am hard wired to be a Dolphin fan, I am also hard wired to NEVER, EVER root for the Pats. I can’t believe the way the Pats played. I was terrified they would be stomping all over the Giants by half time. What a delightful halftime score that was. Good half-time show, too. I used to et to see Tom Petty play at the St. Augustine armory-for $5 bucks. Of course, that was before he was really famous. The last 5 minutes of the game were spent on the edge of my chair-beads on the table. I’m sure I freaked a few deer out whooping and hollering the entire last 35 seconds of the game. They will get over it. What I would like to know-what’s up with Belichek not shaking Coughlin’s hand after the game? I know he had already left the field, but he should have come back out on the field and done that. Maybe he was mad because he couldn’t cheat this time. Boo on you, Mr. Belichek. Just one more reason to not like the Pats.


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