Good customer service

Is not dead-at least at FMG (Fire Mountain Gems). In my last bead order, I got some Ming Tree SL (silver lined) pink bugle beads. In my Bead Stash entry, I wrote about that brand. Great for netting pieces, but not structured stitches.

Well, I started working with those bugles yesterday and was incredibly disappointed in the color of them. It was very inconsistant-from a very pretty pink to nearly white. Some of the MT seed beads I got in my last order were really inconsistant in size, too. Now, these are generic beads and I expect to do some culling with them. That’s never been a problem. These are not the quality I have been getting from MT beads the last couple of years. The first box of seed beads I opened from this order was not up to par either, but hey, everything can have a bad batch now and then. The second box, a different color, was not that great either-neither was the third. However, the others were fine.

I decided to call FMG and give them a heads up. I figure I may not be the only one having a problem with MT. When the service rep. answered the phone (I believe her name is Kathy), I explained why I was calling. She was super nice. She looked in the computer to see if there was an alternative they could send me, but there wasn’t. I already knew that the MT were the only SL pink bugles they had. She offered to send me some twisted pink Ornela’s, but they won’t work for what I want them for. I told her that I just wanted them to know that the product is not as good as they were last year and they might want to check it out.

A few minutes later, my phone rang and it was Kathy. She wanted to verify what I had told her because she was filling out whatever form they use to do a customer complaint.( I really hate using the word complaint here.) She offered to credit my accout for the boxes of bad beads, but since I can work around the seed bead size problem, I didn’t really want to credit for those. I did end up with a credit for the pink bugles because I don’t know how I will use those. She and I chatted a bit and she was telling me that FMG has classes for employes and last night she had gone to one and made a peyote/Swaro ring. We also talked about maybe giving some of the company’s more experienced beads a couple of boxes of the MT’s and see what they think about them.

I know people moan about the handling charges FMG has,but I figure whoever packs up my box of goodies needs to get paid. This is only the second time I have ever needed to contact them about an order. The first time, over a year ago, a number got transposed on the order and I got SS head pins and not little the little storage boxes I had ordered. I called them and explained and they told me to keep the head pins and 2 days later I had my little storage boxes.

So in this day and age of usually lousy customer service in nearly everything, it’s nice to know that there are still places out there that will pleasantly work with a customer to resolve an issue.


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