R.I.P. Zippy Kitty

Zippy KittyZippy Kitty got attacked by a huge fox this morning and did not survive. I am so sick of these fox. This one will have a major migraine I hope. Before my husband could get out with the rifle, I was screaming like crazy at the fox to let the cat go, I picked up a brick ad threw it at him and hit him in the head. If he has a fractured skull, I won’t lose sleep over it, that’s for sure.

Zippy Kitty is sort of a Katrina refugee. His mom got dumped off at work while pregnant. She was a really sweet cat, but at the time we had 4 cats and 2 dogs. Hubby said absolutely not to bringing mama home. I did bring her food and we fed her at work. When the kittens were about 6 weeks old, one of the guests at work wanted to take her home. She was a sweet lady, so I said cool, but you need to take the kitten, too.( By this time all we were seeing with mama was one. ) I got to work the ext day and mama was gone, but Zippy was still here. I had started calling him Zippy Kitty because every time he heard a noise he would zip off. Another guest, who was a regular every six weeks said that if I could get the kitten socialized some, she would take him home with her next time she was here. I eventually got Zippy to trust me and got him home.

Well, this guest who was going to take him, traveled the southeast calibrating medical equipment. Then Hurricane Katrina happened and her route got changed to the midwest. She called me at work and told me she wouldn’t be back, so Zippy Kitty became a permanent resident at our house. He continued to be paranoid about everything and lived up to his name.

I was sitting on the back steps this morning having a cup of coffee, enjoying the morning and I saw Zippy go into the brush at the back of the yard. He like to sleep there under the grapevines, so I did’t think that much about it. A couple of minutes later, it all hit the fan. I don’t know how the fox was able to sneak up on him. Maybe he just attacked him in the vines. It really doesn’t matter now. Zippy Kitty is gone. One day that fox will be, too.

My Grandfather was good at helping hurt animals and I am kind of good at it and I tried to help Zippy. Suffice to say that the clothes I was wearing this morning are now in the burnpile and I wasn’t able to help him

This is the only picture I have of him. When I got my new camera, I forgot to turn the flash off when I took his pic and it scared him, as did most things. From then on, he would disappear into the woods or under the car whe he saw the camera.


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