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Fluff Five Meme

April 18, 2008

I was tagged by thebeadden for this. I had to look around and see what a meme is before I could post. So here goes.

Five things in my bag:

1. A carved amber bear my Grandfather made. It has coral and turquoise accents on it.

2.A bead book. It has all my beads listed in it by color and supplier. That way, if I’m ever somewhere and see beads I want, I know if I have them or anything to go with them.

3.A small journal/diary I started when my son was born (22 years ago). It has all the major milestones in it that babies and kids go through from that 1st tooth to H.S. graduation and more.

4.Altoids dark chocolate dipped mints for when I decide to fight the cigarette cravings.

5.A 2 year planner calendar so I can keep up with when I’m suppose to work and when the new state quarters come out.

Five favorite things in your room

1.My bead cabinet.

2.The view of the woods out the window.

3.My feather pillow.

4.The cedar chest of drawers my husband made.

5.My jewelry box with the pieces I have made for me in it.

Five things I have always wanted to do

1. Surf the Hawaiian pipeline.

2.Go to the Czech Republic and tour the Ornela factory

3.Go to Japan and tour the Delica and Toho factories.

4.Join the Peace Corps.

5.Mine my own gems at one of the places in the states you can go do that.

Five things you are currentky into

1. Beading and designing jewelry.

2.Becoming more self sufficent.

3. Baseball.


5.Saving the St. John’s river.

I don’t know five people to tag for a meme so I wll pass on this one.






Totally Teal Lariat

April 13, 2008

After the last necklace I made, I wanted to do one more spiral before I get back to the ornament drapes. I have never made a lariat, so I decided to make a spiral one. I used DyaMite transparent and matte, teal 11’s, Czech FP 4 & 6mm crystals and teal Ornela bugles. It’s kind of hard to tell that the necklace segments alternate transparent and matte, but they do.

Turquoise teardrop necklace

April 4, 2008

Turquoise teardrop necklaceA few posts back, I mentioned a turquoise teardrop that I was trying to work with. I tried a few different stitches for the necklace and didn’t like any of them  I finally decided on a spiral using rootbeer beads (Ming Tree)  for the inside and transparet aqua (DynaMites) for the outside of the sprial. I also debated about making a beaded bezel for the stone, but I decided that simpler is better for this piece. Since this was my birthday present from me to me, I knew I could make it however I wanted to. The bail is a 3 row peyote band with a 6mm aqua druk and it’s 10 beads long on each side of the druk. I wasn’t real happy with all the brown in the toggle clasp, but I didn’t feel like re-doing it and besides, my hair will hide it when I wear it. LOL!

Hands-on Heaven

April 2, 2008

This is a network similar to Indipublic, but not as large-yet. It’s here “a utopia for hands-on creations”. I’m there and so are several other seed beaders and talented designers who work in metal, glass and wire. So drop in and check it out. It’s run by a great, talented lady named Angela, who just happens to be on the cover of  the new edition etsy book, along with other incredible talents.