Turquoise teardrop necklace

Turquoise teardrop necklaceA few posts back, I mentioned a turquoise teardrop that I was trying to work with. I tried a few different stitches for the necklace and didn’t like any of them  I finally decided on a spiral using rootbeer beads (Ming Tree)  for the inside and transparet aqua (DynaMites) for the outside of the sprial. I also debated about making a beaded bezel for the stone, but I decided that simpler is better for this piece. Since this was my birthday present from me to me, I knew I could make it however I wanted to. The bail is a 3 row peyote band with a 6mm aqua druk and it’s 10 beads long on each side of the druk. I wasn’t real happy with all the brown in the toggle clasp, but I didn’t feel like re-doing it and besides, my hair will hide it when I wear it. LOL!


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2 Responses to “Turquoise teardrop necklace”

  1. thebeadden Says:

    Ohhh you know how much I love spirals! This is just gorgeous! I really love the way you added the pendant to it. I’ve packed up most of my stuff so I can’t even try it!

  2. subeeds Says:

    Thanks. Why is your stuff packed up-moving or bead rehab? LOL!

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