Lampwork fraud on etsy and ebay

For a few days now, a lot of lampworkers and etsy people have been up in arms over a seller/buyer of lampwork beads and rightly so. This woman is allegedly buying lampwork beads from ebay and etsy, then has the gall to sell them at a much higher price, but that’s not the worst of it by far. She’s passing these beautiful beads off as HER OWN CREATIONS!!!!!

The first I heard of it was a post in SJA. If I had checked my email, I would have seen it a few minutes sooner. There is a HUGE discussion thread about this on Lampworketc..You do have to sign up to read the thread, but here is a link to it. is by far the bigest discussion thread I have ever seen. It goes for 120+ pages and continues to grow.

She supposedly uses several user names to buy the beads-among them Ulja,and Gerbera28 . Her shop name at etsy is ulljasbeads. I would like to give you a link to her shop, but I won’t. The beads shown there are probably not hers and I won’t promote her in any way. You can go to etsy and find her if you are curious. She has allegedly  also sold glass beads and passed them off as gemstones.

Several glass artists have closed their etsy shops in protest over the fact that she is still being allowed to operate her deceptive shop. I don’t blame them. She is in clear violation of etsy’s TOS and general principals. The general consensus of people I know who sell on etsy seem to be 1 of 2 things:etsy really doesn’t care, or 2) etsy is doing a very careful, in-depth investigation of this before slamming shut her shop door. It’s possible that she has been reported to so many places and organizations that the postal service and law enforcement agencies are looking into it, too. If she did send fradulent items through the mail, so that would make it mail fraud.

If you have purchased any beads from this woman, you should check the links I have given you. Some people may not want to register at Lampworketc. to view the thread, but you should. It’s very informative and sometimes humorous, in spite of the subject matter. It’s also in the etsy forums for now. They seem to be shutting down the threads that are dealing with this, pretty quick.

I am really outraged over this whole thing and will continue to follow the story through the LE forum. It’s one thing to copy something, but a whole ‘nother ballgame to outright rip people off by claiming that somebody else’s work is yours. I was thinking about starting a shop on etsy in a few months. Not now-no way no how. They could have suspended her shop while they checked things out, but they didn’t. If you want to buy lampwork beads, try to buy from an artist who is an SRA (Self Representing Artist) member.




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12 Responses to “Lampwork fraud on etsy and ebay”

  1. Twiggy Says:

    Well written. Thank you so much for joining the effort!

  2. Michelle Says:

    I also urge anyone who’s purchased beads from Ullja’s (Etsy) or gerbera28 (eBay) to verify that Ullja made them, if you’re crediting her in resale jewelry. Some wonderful jewelry artists have found the lampworkers who actually made the beads they thought were Ullja’s, and it’s felt a bit like a family reunion over at LampworkEtc. I love the way jewelry artists are joining forces with lampworkers to get this mess sorted out.

    Ullja also sold cookies from a fictitious bakery in Texas. Her real bakery closed last year, and up until a few days ago she, or someone without a permitted bakery acting on her behalf, was fulfilling orders made to her now-closed Etsy cookie shop. There is a complaint filed with the state of Texas that documents the issue with the non-existent bakery.

    Thanks for helping get the word out.

  3. Michelle Says:

    just an fyi: the buyer ivanadivia is not linked to Ullja.

  4. coloraddiction Says:

    ivanadivia has been cleared as a name not connected with Ullja or Melek Kuntze. Otherwise – great post! 🙂

  5. Stephanie (SC Steph) Says:

    I have not ever bought anything from her – but rest assured, when I do buy lampwork beads, they will be from people I know! Angela, Gail, Lorraine . . . any of my girls over at! how anyone can do something like that is totally beyond comprehension! totally reprehensible!
    Thanks Sue for keeping up on this!!!

    p.s. Go Gators!! 🙂

  6. Stephanie (SC Steph) Says:

    I totally cannot believe she would have the gall!!! Reprehensible!!! Rest assured, when I buy lampwork, I will buy it from someone I know – Gail, Angela, Lorraine . . . any of the girls on TSJAforums!

    ps. Go Gators! 🙂 just for you Sue! 😆

  7. hookitup Says:

    My goodness what a mess this is! I have just found eight beads from one set that she passed off as her own last month. It is rediculous that she is still being allowed to sell.

    By the end of the day, I am sure that the listings I found will be reworded, but I kept screen shots just to remind me.

    And a cookie shop?!? I had convoed this shop when I first came to etsy, but never thought about the connection between the names. Glad that I was allergic to some of their ingredients, or I would have purchased from there 😦

  8. How Would You Feel? « The Bead Den Says:

    […] Lampwork Fraud on Etsy and Ebay […]

  9. Brigitte Says:

    You make me sick! Get a life. PLEASE! “Rest assured I buy from someone I know!” how sad, you sound like a bunch of jealous people to me! This is America. If she wants to buy something and resell it because she knows the market better, than the more power to her! I’ve seen people buy all kinds of items on Ebay and resell them because they were being sold to low, or listed wrong, or spelled wrong and in the wrong category. And half you lampwork people,,, please… you are SOOOOOOOOOOOO OVER PRICED AND FULL OF YOURSELF… The day you go to school and show that you have documented your talent in the ART WORLD… not as a SELF PROCLAIMED ARTISTS… AND YOU HAVE EARNED THE REPUTATION TO CHARGE WHAT YOU DO… THEN YOU MAY CROW… BUTTTTTTTTTTTTT YOU HAVEN’T! You are nothing like the artist from East Stroudsburg, PA. She even has her own store… You ARE ALL A BUNCH OF HOME WIVES THAT DON’T WANT TO WORK… AND HAVE NOTHING BETTER TO DO THAN COMPLAIN. There are suppliers and there are resellers and buyers in this world…. Get Over IT… or stop shopping at Walmart! Oh and stop stealing design ideas too!

  10. Amy Says:

    I dont do lampwork but think it is beautiful and love the REAL artists who do it.
    Brigette…i suggest you duck bc I think u should have REAL lampwork bead thrown upon you with gusto. For shame on YOU for not undersatnding this!

    If I sew a lovely baby bib and sell it and then someone buys it and RESELLS It for higher THAT is against TOU’s and everythign that is good in the world of Handmade! There is a difference between wholesales and coops. I have bought items from handmade sellers before and used them in MY work but always with full permission and CREDIT given.

    Brigette..ur an idiot.

  11. brutus Says:

    Looks like Ullja found you. Rather pitiful to see her grope for coherence.

  12. Hilger Says:

    What I find most interesting in the comments is that most of us admit that this process works, even from a buyers standpoint.

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