Etsy finally steps up to the plate

The shop and it’s owner who were giving sooooo many lampworkers migraines has finally been closed. It’s about time, etsy. You could have temporarily closed the shop while you investigated instead of letting it continue. You have suspended shops for lesser violations of your TOU.

While you were investigating, beads were still being bought and passed off as another artists work. You didn’t stand up for your sellers or your buyers. That’s not right and it’s not good business. At least you got around to it-after at least several days of this occuring.

Etsy, you should listen better to your sellers and buyers when they tell you something is wrong. When they tell you that someone is passing glass beads off as a real stone, when they tell you that this work is mine and now it has shown up in this shop, when they tell you that they are being ripped off by another seller. You have a bunch of new investors and an influx of cash-hire more people to monitor your site while there is still a sight left to monitor.

I’ve been talking to several people who were thinking about opening an etsy shop because we know people who do well on your venue. Those thoughts are gone now because of the way you handled this incident and you have lost business because of it. With the attitude you have shown the last several days, I doubt if you will lose any sleep over it. It’s still your loss, though. You can’t spin this and make it look right and the word is out there-etsy won’t go to bat for it’s sellers or buyers.

From what I have read on your etsy forums, lampwork isn’t the only category this has happened in. I’ve looked through “vintage” shops on etsy. Yard sale is more like it. What happened to the “handmade” idea behind your venue?  Gone with the wind and a lot of glass beads, I guess.

I am curious about one thing-this particular shop has been closed for 3 days now? Has she managed to slip past you and open another store? It’s ok if she has. There are lots of folks watching for her and I’m sure they will let you know if that happens.





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3 Responses to “Etsy finally steps up to the plate”

  1. Marci Says:

    Hi there!

    I just read your posting here. I was keeping up with the forums on Lampwork, etc when they closed the thread. I didn’t know what the outcome was until I googled and found this notice on your website. I realize that you are upset with Etsy because they took so long to rectify the situation, but do sellers on Etsy that have nothing to do with it deserve a beating too? I sell ‘vintage’ beads in my shop and I love love love vintage beads, as well as semi precious gemstones and lampwork beads. I am also a jewelry maker on etsy ( and I started my bead shop so that I could share my stash with others who might not want, or may not be able to afford, to purchase a full strand of beads. It has grown to be more than that for me and I love it. Etsy is a site for handmade goods, but supplies for us all to make handmade goods with isn’t a bad thing. Yes, there is a lot of *junk* out there, but that’s all a matter of perception. One person’s junk might be another person’s treasure! 🙂

    Thanks for listening. Marci~

  2. subeeds Says:

    Marci, the only sellers who “deserve a beating “, are the ones who misrepresent their items by calling them what they aren’t. I know several people who de-stash on etsy and they call turquoise, turquoise and dyed howlite, dyed howlite-not turquoise. I only have issues with people who misrepresent what they are selling, not with honest sellers. I have issues with etsy too, for not policing the dishonest sellers much better than they currently do.

  3. Marci Says:

    Hi Subeed!

    Well that I can understand much better! It was this that was this that prompted me to write:

    “I’ve looked through “vintage” shops on etsy. Yard sale is more like it. What happened to the “handmade” idea behind your venue?”

    But yes, I agree with you, flat out lying about what one is selling is not cool. I think the more likely scenario here is that most of us selling on Etsy are not (unfortunately) gemstone experts, and we have to trust the wholesaler.
    The person that got banned (thank goodness) was probably not a very nice person. I like to always keeping having faith that most people though, have honest intentions. 🙂

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