Got a dog!!!!!!!!

I’ve been wanting another dog for sometime now. No dog will ever be able to replace Red, but we have always had a dog in our lives and I was really missing one.

With the exception of a terrier mix puppy we got our son when he was little, our dogs have always “found” us. The people were moving and couldn’t take the dog, the dogs were abandoned, abused, neglected, etc.. They needed a loving family and we just happened to come along. This new little guy is no exception.

About 4 months ago, this little white poodle started hanging out at our house. He would come speeding into the yard when he heard us outside, hang out for a while, then disappear. He started staying for longer periods of time. I picked up a bag of puppy food for him. He was all scrawny and underfed.

We found out that he was living down the road, so the next time he came over, we took him home. We explained that he had spent a few nights in our house because we were worried that something in the woods would get him. The woman instantly started telling us how the dog was pawned off on her daughter at a gas station by some guy on a motorcycle. (The daughter does not live with her). She complained about how the dog pottied in the house and was a general pain in the ass. We offered to give him a home. Then she started saying that it was her grandkids dog, etc,etc-all kinds of reasons not to let us have him. The dog contiued to come over. She came after him several times and one weekend her grandkids were visiting, they came over after him. We didn’t see him for a little over a week after that. We figured he went home with the grandkids. Then one day, he was back. We decided that if she wanted him back, she could come and get him. That was almost 11 weeks ago and we haven’t seen her yet. If she wants him back at this late date, she better bring the police and a warrant with her. She didn’t treat him right.

He does love to chase armadillos deep into the woods, so when he goes out, he is leashed. I know he wants to live with us and not with her. I know this with certainty because about 4 weeks ago, he slipped out the door and took off. About 10 minutes later, he was back, racing around the yard with a stuffed frog hanging out of his mouth. He made a commando raid back home and brought “his worldly posessons” back with him. I knew then that he wanted to stay with us. We spoke with some people at the other end of the road and they told us that they had returned the dog 3 times to her. He did escape once after getting the frog and went to the other end of the road. They brought him back to us. Now all doors are latched because the little knothead knows he can open them if he jumps on them. LOL!

Over the 4th of July holiday, one of the neighbors from the other end of the road dropped by. I was just getting ready to take the dog outside. This guy couldn’t believe it was the same dog. He feeds the fox, coons and cats, so there is always something to eat at his house for critters. He was telling us about how one morning the dog was sitting on his steps as he left for work, looking very sad and hungry. He went back home, opened a can of cat food and said the dog jumped on it like he hadn’t eaten in days. So now, there are 3 witnesses to the fact that this woman wasn’t caring for this adorable little dog.

He has totally won my heart over and hubby’s heart, too, even though hubby doesn’t like admitting it. This little dog is adorable, smart, and his personality just sparkles and shines, so his name is Sparky. If you haven’t guessed, that’s him and Frankenfrog at the top. He likes to chew Frankenfrog up and now the frog has several stitched up areas on him, hence the name. Oh, if you are wondering, Sparky has yet to potty in the house. He goes to the door and lets us know that he has to go out and it isn’t to chase armadillos.


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