Started a new blog, too

Since I have bitten the bullet and opened an etsy store, bought my domain name and have otherwise gotten businesslike with this seed bead addiction, I have decided to change my blog name to match my business and domain name. I have started a new blog and you can find it here

I was going to do all this on blogger, since you can have paypal carts there, but couldn’t get these posts moved over there. So it looks like that will eventually be my “store”.

StarvingJewelryArtists have started a team on etsy, so I decided to open a shop. It helps to make a huge leap like that when you’ve got some good friends backing you up and helping you out-and maybe giving you that much needed push off that cliff. Thanks you guys. LOL!

Setting up an etsy store is a lot of work, but I’ve learned a lot in the few days I’ve been working on it. Etsy has quite a learnig curve to it and I’m still just working on the basics.

So, if you are cruising aroound etsy for any reason be sure to check out some of the starvingjewelryartists shops at . There are some really creative people selling all kinds of things on etsy. I know I have been quite outspoken against the admin. at etsy-there may be times I will be that outspoken against them again, too. Time will tell. I need a very economical way to sell my creations on line and for the time being, etsy is it.

Yes, I kind of feel hypocritical about it, but at the same time, when I was ranting against them before, it was from a non-seller’s view point-the outside. I’m curious to see what it’s like on the inside. What can I say-I’m the kid whose parents were always pulling her inside the house during thunderstorms-I need to see things for myself 99.9% of the time.


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