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Red Agate Slice necklace and other news

December 5, 2008

Man, that was a lot of  work for etsy.  I had to edit tons of pics, too, which I really dislike doing. So far, the starvingjewelryartist team has snagged lots of treasuries and I was even in one of them with my Red Agate Slice Necklace. I’ll get to those pics in a minute.

So, having been brave (maybe) and joined etsy, I took another leap and joined on online selling venue called have a monthly fee of  $7.00 and you get unlimited listings and can have up to 10 pics of each item. Like I need to try and set up another store, but I have. I’m at

All I have in there right now is ornament drapes. Haven’t gotten around to adding my jewelry yet.

Speaking of jewelry, here’s the Red Agate Slice Necklace I mentuoned earlier. It’s on a spiral chain made with silver lined Burnt Orange Delicas, matte med. topaz and silver lined med. topaz Miuyki seed beads from SeedBeadSue’s shop. hpim1025none-5


Labradorite cab necklace

November 23, 2008

This is the labradorite cab necklace I made. It’s a tubular herringbone chain, and peyote bezel and bail and toggle clasp. It’s a huge, heavy cab which is why the bail is so wide. I made some simple earrings in the necklace colors. I want the focus to be on the necklace, ot the earrings.

The beads are from SeedBeadSue, a.k.a. MiyukiGalBeads on ebay. She had the perfect colors to go with the stone. Choosing the colors was a project in itself. I wanted to bring out and accent the stone colors. I used olive green, silver lined Capri blue, silver lined aqua and lt. topaz. The cab came from believe it or not.


This pic shows the color of the stone the best. It really has a lot of blue flash to it.


The completed set. This is mine. LOL! I love the way it feels and I fell in love with that cab the second I laid eyes on it.

What I’ve been up to

October 18, 2008

I have found the coolest little “bead eden” in the world. It’s on ebay, of all places. I’ve always been really leery about shopping on ebay because I was always worried I would get something unexpected, and unwanted.  I came across this shop a few weeks ago-and went back to look-again and again and again. Finally I decided to get a few tubes- just couldn’t resist. That first bead order was one of the best things I’ve done in ages. Notice I said “that first” bead order. The shipping was really fast AND it’s only $1.99 an order to the US and to Canada-hear that Beadden?? LOL! The selection is great and some of the mixes look fantastic, although I haven’t tried them out yet. I am really pleased with this ebay store and wanted to spread the word. Oh yeah, is the link. I”ve also added Sue’s blog to the seed bead bloglist. She has lots of beaders contributing to it stuff they have made with beads they got from her. It’s a neat blog. So, if you are looking for a reputable bead seller, try her shop. customer service lives at this place.

Remember all those ornament drapes I was beading myself batty over?? Well, to try and make a long story short-the shop is under new ownership and they weren’t interested in the drapes. So, I tried a shop in the Historic District, and sold a few to a funky little shop. Now, this funky little shop has a holiday open house and the lady who owns it has asked me to be the “Artist In Residence” when she has it. Of course I accepted her offer. I also tried a Christmas year round shop in Fla.. When I walked in the owner was on the phone cancelling an order she had placed in July. Needless to say, she didn’t buy any drapes.

So thanks, all you politicians for screwing up the economy the way you have.

Starvingjewelryartists is having a Holiday Seed Bead challenge. Just click on the SJA link on the side and it will take you there to get the info about it.

Here’s an unexpected place for jewelry I was looking for a bead embroidery book and stumbled across the supplies. I got a neat Labordorite cab!! They also have assorted metal findings and crimps, swaros, seed beads, and a bunch of other stuff. Really surprised me.

I think that about wraps this update up. Oh yeah, I don’t know how I could forget this- sometimes towards the end of March, I’m going to be a Grandma for the first time. Yeah, I’m excited about it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Don’t know yet if it’s a girl or boy-won’t care, just want she/he healthy and happy.

Triple Spiral Tute and bracelet

July 14, 2008

There is a neat tute for this stitch

Designing the Electric Sky Choker

May 29, 2008

I had lots of trial and error while I was designing and looming this choker. At one point, it looked like whale flukes. LOL! If you would like to read about the trials and tribulations that were endured while this was a work in progess, it can be seen here on the forum. Complete with pics of what it looked like a few times.


Electric Sky choker

May 21, 2008

I am so bad about keeping this blog updated. Here is what I have been doing the past couple of weeks-or longer. LOL!

I have had an idea for a lightening bolt loomed choker in my head for a while, now. I finally got it sketched out and beaded. I used DynaMite OP black, and Trans. Rainbow Purple for the main collar. I used a ton of different beads for the fringe-Ornela twisted bugles in rainbow purple and iris peacock, 4mm FP watermelon and purple iris, Ming Tree bugles in rainbow peacock, DynaMite SL purple bugles,and an assortment of beads with a rainbow/iris finish that I got from yard sale jewelry. It has a peyote toggle clasp/loop closure.

It was fun looming this piece. It’s been too long since I have loomed anything. I’m now trying to come up with some earrings that will go with it and not be overpowered by the fringe on the choker.

I still can’t get the hang of the new ways to post pics here, so sorry for the double close up of the fringe pics. When I photographed the finished piece, I realized that the irridescent colors of the beads weren’t showing well, so I added that pic. The irredescence of the beads is a major part of the choker.

Turquoise teardrop necklace

April 4, 2008

Turquoise teardrop necklaceA few posts back, I mentioned a turquoise teardrop that I was trying to work with. I tried a few different stitches for the necklace and didn’t like any of them  I finally decided on a spiral using rootbeer beads (Ming Tree)  for the inside and transparet aqua (DynaMites) for the outside of the sprial. I also debated about making a beaded bezel for the stone, but I decided that simpler is better for this piece. Since this was my birthday present from me to me, I knew I could make it however I wanted to. The bail is a 3 row peyote band with a 6mm aqua druk and it’s 10 beads long on each side of the druk. I wasn’t real happy with all the brown in the toggle clasp, but I didn’t feel like re-doing it and besides, my hair will hide it when I wear it. LOL!

Survived the holidays

January 13, 2008

hpim0437ed1.jpghpim0440.jpgFinally work and life have slowed down enough to let me update this. I am so glad the holidays are over. They just weren’t the same without my son. I got a couple of necklaces finished, but have decided to specialize in Cmas. ornaments-mostly drapes. They sell like crazy and are fast and fun to make. I’m waiting on a bead order that is supposed to arive Tues.. The necklaces I finished were both variations of a stitch called St. Petersburg. It’s a great stitch, but isn’t sturdy enough to do what I had intended, so I modified it and changed one into a choker and the other has a delicate fringed focal on it, like the earrings. I changed the color scheme, too. That’s all part of designing things, I guess. Ideas into realities turn into many modifactions. Or alternative uses.

I don’t much care for New Year’s resolutions, but made 3 this year. Made 2 last year and accomplished one, so I figured I would try 3 and see what happens. One  (and  one I really want to keep) is to quit smoking this year. I used to enjoy it to a certain point, but now I’m tired of it. My husband and I go through 3 cartons a week, sometimes 4. That’s a lot of seed beads going up in smoke every month. Besides, I would like to bounce grandchildren on my knee one day. The 2nd resolution is to update my blog at least twice a week. The 3rd is to get more focused on marketng my jewelry. I know I can do 2 and 3, but the 1st one has me scared. If you have quit smoking after doing it for years and years, I will listen to any and all advice and suggestions.

Stuff done-stuff to do-it never ends

December 2, 2007

We are short handed at work, so I’ve been working 10 hour shifts and beading, too. Got a gorgeous cherrywood burl cab beaded. Now I just need to get it on it’s way to get sold. I think I’m done with the ornament drapes, too. That all depends on if I get grabbed by a color combo next time I’m going through my beads. I had a helper the day I was taking pics of the drapes. This is Skits-he was Red’s cat. He has decided that he will be a photographers assistant when he grows up. He works cheap-a few pats and the occasional belly rub and he’s happy. Here are a couple of drapes actually hanging on an ornament. It’s not a good pic of the cherrywood cab, but it gets the idea across. I’m going to make a necklace for me next-out of a gorgeous turquoise teardrop that was a gift from a friend. I just have to figure out the details-that’s the hardest part.