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Labradorite cab necklace

November 23, 2008

This is the labradorite cab necklace I made. It’s a tubular herringbone chain, and peyote bezel and bail and toggle clasp. It’s a huge, heavy cab which is why the bail is so wide. I made some simple earrings in the necklace colors. I want the focus to be on the necklace, ot the earrings.

The beads are from SeedBeadSue, a.k.a. MiyukiGalBeads on ebay. She had the perfect colors to go with the stone. Choosing the colors was a project in itself. I wanted to bring out and accent the stone colors. I used olive green, silver lined Capri blue, silver lined aqua and lt. topaz. The cab came from believe it or not.


This pic shows the color of the stone the best. It really has a lot of blue flash to it.


The completed set. This is mine. LOL! I love the way it feels and I fell in love with that cab the second I laid eyes on it.



September 15, 2008

A few weeks ago, I got some blog comments that were a the wall would be the polite way to put it. I chose not to publish them for a couple of reasons. One-they were all from the same person, about the same subject. All of them pertained to the lampwork incident and I considered that to be over and done with. Two, they didn’t make much sense to me. Apparently the reading comprehension skills of the writer are somewhat lacking. The comments that were made didn’t really match the posts they were made to.

I have always disliked censorship unless you are filtering what your children are being exposed to. As for adult censorship, I figure that if you get to adulthood, don’t like what you are seeing or hearing, change the channel, or get a new book to read. It’s your choice.

With that in mind, I have decided to post the comments that were made by someone using the name brigitte mars. (This is not the health food lady of the same name). If you would like to read them, they are in the lampwork entries farther down the page and one is posted in the “fluff 5 meme” entry. Why she posted there, I have no clue. This same person sent me a rather virulent email about how she expected me not to post her comments. Brigitte, your email has nothing to do with my posting your words. I have decided to post them because not posting them is censorship.  That’s it-plain and simple.

Readers, you can read these comments and post comments or not. It’s your choice and the last time I heard, it’s still a free country.

Triple Spiral Tute and bracelet

July 14, 2008

There is a neat tute for this stitch

Got a dog!!!!!!!!

July 12, 2008

I’ve been wanting another dog for sometime now. No dog will ever be able to replace Red, but we have always had a dog in our lives and I was really missing one.

With the exception of a terrier mix puppy we got our son when he was little, our dogs have always “found” us. The people were moving and couldn’t take the dog, the dogs were abandoned, abused, neglected, etc.. They needed a loving family and we just happened to come along. This new little guy is no exception.

About 4 months ago, this little white poodle started hanging out at our house. He would come speeding into the yard when he heard us outside, hang out for a while, then disappear. He started staying for longer periods of time. I picked up a bag of puppy food for him. He was all scrawny and underfed.

We found out that he was living down the road, so the next time he came over, we took him home. We explained that he had spent a few nights in our house because we were worried that something in the woods would get him. The woman instantly started telling us how the dog was pawned off on her daughter at a gas station by some guy on a motorcycle. (The daughter does not live with her). She complained about how the dog pottied in the house and was a general pain in the ass. We offered to give him a home. Then she started saying that it was her grandkids dog, etc,etc-all kinds of reasons not to let us have him. The dog contiued to come over. She came after him several times and one weekend her grandkids were visiting, they came over after him. We didn’t see him for a little over a week after that. We figured he went home with the grandkids. Then one day, he was back. We decided that if she wanted him back, she could come and get him. That was almost 11 weeks ago and we haven’t seen her yet. If she wants him back at this late date, she better bring the police and a warrant with her. She didn’t treat him right.

He does love to chase armadillos deep into the woods, so when he goes out, he is leashed. I know he wants to live with us and not with her. I know this with certainty because about 4 weeks ago, he slipped out the door and took off. About 10 minutes later, he was back, racing around the yard with a stuffed frog hanging out of his mouth. He made a commando raid back home and brought “his worldly posessons” back with him. I knew then that he wanted to stay with us. We spoke with some people at the other end of the road and they told us that they had returned the dog 3 times to her. He did escape once after getting the frog and went to the other end of the road. They brought him back to us. Now all doors are latched because the little knothead knows he can open them if he jumps on them. LOL!

Over the 4th of July holiday, one of the neighbors from the other end of the road dropped by. I was just getting ready to take the dog outside. This guy couldn’t believe it was the same dog. He feeds the fox, coons and cats, so there is always something to eat at his house for critters. He was telling us about how one morning the dog was sitting on his steps as he left for work, looking very sad and hungry. He went back home, opened a can of cat food and said the dog jumped on it like he hadn’t eaten in days. So now, there are 3 witnesses to the fact that this woman wasn’t caring for this adorable little dog.

He has totally won my heart over and hubby’s heart, too, even though hubby doesn’t like admitting it. This little dog is adorable, smart, and his personality just sparkles and shines, so his name is Sparky. If you haven’t guessed, that’s him and Frankenfrog at the top. He likes to chew Frankenfrog up and now the frog has several stitched up areas on him, hence the name. Oh, if you are wondering, Sparky has yet to potty in the house. He goes to the door and lets us know that he has to go out and it isn’t to chase armadillos.

Etsy finally steps up to the plate

June 19, 2008

The shop and it’s owner who were giving sooooo many lampworkers migraines has finally been closed. It’s about time, etsy. You could have temporarily closed the shop while you investigated instead of letting it continue. You have suspended shops for lesser violations of your TOU.

While you were investigating, beads were still being bought and passed off as another artists work. You didn’t stand up for your sellers or your buyers. That’s not right and it’s not good business. At least you got around to it-after at least several days of this occuring.

Etsy, you should listen better to your sellers and buyers when they tell you something is wrong. When they tell you that someone is passing glass beads off as a real stone, when they tell you that this work is mine and now it has shown up in this shop, when they tell you that they are being ripped off by another seller. You have a bunch of new investors and an influx of cash-hire more people to monitor your site while there is still a sight left to monitor.

I’ve been talking to several people who were thinking about opening an etsy shop because we know people who do well on your venue. Those thoughts are gone now because of the way you handled this incident and you have lost business because of it. With the attitude you have shown the last several days, I doubt if you will lose any sleep over it. It’s still your loss, though. You can’t spin this and make it look right and the word is out there-etsy won’t go to bat for it’s sellers or buyers.

From what I have read on your etsy forums, lampwork isn’t the only category this has happened in. I’ve looked through “vintage” shops on etsy. Yard sale is more like it. What happened to the “handmade” idea behind your venue?  Gone with the wind and a lot of glass beads, I guess.

I am curious about one thing-this particular shop has been closed for 3 days now? Has she managed to slip past you and open another store? It’s ok if she has. There are lots of folks watching for her and I’m sure they will let you know if that happens.




A jewelry makers point of view

June 11, 2008

Ok. I’ve just been checking out the LE thread and this travesty is still continuing. (See June 10th post.)

As a person who hopes to someday make a half decent living from selling my work, I am still mad about what is being allowed to go on at etsy.

Stealing someone’s work and calling it your own is a lowdown way to cover up your own lack of creativity. It’s possibly taking food out of someone’s mouth or their children’s mouths. It might be the difference between somebody making their rent or mortage payment. It’s wrong.

It could happen to anybody who designs and creates anything-not just jewelry. How would you feel if you saw one of your sales on someone else’s site and they were claiming that they made it? A lot of lampworkers are currently in this position and I feel for them. If somebody did that to me, I would want their hide hanging on my wall and their head on a platter-for starters.

When you create something, you put a part of yourself into it. From the first tiny glimmer of an idea, to the struggle to get your hands to do what your head sees, to the final product-it’s your baby. You hope that somebody will appreciate your effort and maybe want to buy it to wear or to use as a componet in a piece that they will wear or sell. You certainly don’t make it to have it bought by someone who will sell it as their work. That would be like having someone walk up to you and tell you that you didn’t give birth to your child-she did.

I feel that this situation happening with etsy will have far reaching trust issues. I don’t trust them to deal fairly with me if I ever open a shop there-which is becoming highly unlikely the way they are handling this. How will any of the sellers that are aware of this situation going to trust them? If the buyers find out about this, and I think they should know about it, how will they be able to trust the esty and ebay sellers?

I’ve always been a wee bit radical. I was in high school when the killings at Kent State happened. Next day, I was also one of several students who led a strike in protest of what had happened. I took a stand because what had happened MEANT something to me.

I’m taking a stand now because THIS means something to me. I stand with fellow artisians who are being treated unfairly. Artisians who have closed their shops in protest. I stand with them because what is happening to them could happen to any of us who create. Won’t you join us?



Lampwork fraud on etsy and ebay

June 10, 2008

For a few days now, a lot of lampworkers and etsy people have been up in arms over a seller/buyer of lampwork beads and rightly so. This woman is allegedly buying lampwork beads from ebay and etsy, then has the gall to sell them at a much higher price, but that’s not the worst of it by far. She’s passing these beautiful beads off as HER OWN CREATIONS!!!!!

The first I heard of it was a post in SJA. If I had checked my email, I would have seen it a few minutes sooner. There is a HUGE discussion thread about this on Lampworketc..You do have to sign up to read the thread, but here is a link to it. is by far the bigest discussion thread I have ever seen. It goes for 120+ pages and continues to grow.

She supposedly uses several user names to buy the beads-among them Ulja,and Gerbera28 . Her shop name at etsy is ulljasbeads. I would like to give you a link to her shop, but I won’t. The beads shown there are probably not hers and I won’t promote her in any way. You can go to etsy and find her if you are curious. She has allegedly  also sold glass beads and passed them off as gemstones.

Several glass artists have closed their etsy shops in protest over the fact that she is still being allowed to operate her deceptive shop. I don’t blame them. She is in clear violation of etsy’s TOS and general principals. The general consensus of people I know who sell on etsy seem to be 1 of 2 things:etsy really doesn’t care, or 2) etsy is doing a very careful, in-depth investigation of this before slamming shut her shop door. It’s possible that she has been reported to so many places and organizations that the postal service and law enforcement agencies are looking into it, too. If she did send fradulent items through the mail, so that would make it mail fraud.

If you have purchased any beads from this woman, you should check the links I have given you. Some people may not want to register at Lampworketc. to view the thread, but you should. It’s very informative and sometimes humorous, in spite of the subject matter. It’s also in the etsy forums for now. They seem to be shutting down the threads that are dealing with this, pretty quick.

I am really outraged over this whole thing and will continue to follow the story through the LE forum. It’s one thing to copy something, but a whole ‘nother ballgame to outright rip people off by claiming that somebody else’s work is yours. I was thinking about starting a shop on etsy in a few months. Not now-no way no how. They could have suspended her shop while they checked things out, but they didn’t. If you want to buy lampwork beads, try to buy from an artist who is an SRA (Self Representing Artist) member.



Fluff Five Meme

April 18, 2008

I was tagged by thebeadden for this. I had to look around and see what a meme is before I could post. So here goes.

Five things in my bag:

1. A carved amber bear my Grandfather made. It has coral and turquoise accents on it.

2.A bead book. It has all my beads listed in it by color and supplier. That way, if I’m ever somewhere and see beads I want, I know if I have them or anything to go with them.

3.A small journal/diary I started when my son was born (22 years ago). It has all the major milestones in it that babies and kids go through from that 1st tooth to H.S. graduation and more.

4.Altoids dark chocolate dipped mints for when I decide to fight the cigarette cravings.

5.A 2 year planner calendar so I can keep up with when I’m suppose to work and when the new state quarters come out.

Five favorite things in your room

1.My bead cabinet.

2.The view of the woods out the window.

3.My feather pillow.

4.The cedar chest of drawers my husband made.

5.My jewelry box with the pieces I have made for me in it.

Five things I have always wanted to do

1. Surf the Hawaiian pipeline.

2.Go to the Czech Republic and tour the Ornela factory

3.Go to Japan and tour the Delica and Toho factories.

4.Join the Peace Corps.

5.Mine my own gems at one of the places in the states you can go do that.

Five things you are currentky into

1. Beading and designing jewelry.

2.Becoming more self sufficent.

3. Baseball.


5.Saving the St. John’s river.

I don’t know five people to tag for a meme so I wll pass on this one.





Hands-on Heaven

April 2, 2008

This is a network similar to Indipublic, but not as large-yet. It’s here “a utopia for hands-on creations”. I’m there and so are several other seed beaders and talented designers who work in metal, glass and wire. So drop in and check it out. It’s run by a great, talented lady named Angela, who just happens to be on the cover of  the new edition etsy book, along with other incredible talents.

R.I.P. Zippy Kitty

March 16, 2008

Zippy KittyZippy Kitty got attacked by a huge fox this morning and did not survive. I am so sick of these fox. This one will have a major migraine I hope. Before my husband could get out with the rifle, I was screaming like crazy at the fox to let the cat go, I picked up a brick ad threw it at him and hit him in the head. If he has a fractured skull, I won’t lose sleep over it, that’s for sure.

Zippy Kitty is sort of a Katrina refugee. His mom got dumped off at work while pregnant. She was a really sweet cat, but at the time we had 4 cats and 2 dogs. Hubby said absolutely not to bringing mama home. I did bring her food and we fed her at work. When the kittens were about 6 weeks old, one of the guests at work wanted to take her home. She was a sweet lady, so I said cool, but you need to take the kitten, too.( By this time all we were seeing with mama was one. ) I got to work the ext day and mama was gone, but Zippy was still here. I had started calling him Zippy Kitty because every time he heard a noise he would zip off. Another guest, who was a regular every six weeks said that if I could get the kitten socialized some, she would take him home with her next time she was here. I eventually got Zippy to trust me and got him home.

Well, this guest who was going to take him, traveled the southeast calibrating medical equipment. Then Hurricane Katrina happened and her route got changed to the midwest. She called me at work and told me she wouldn’t be back, so Zippy Kitty became a permanent resident at our house. He continued to be paranoid about everything and lived up to his name.

I was sitting on the back steps this morning having a cup of coffee, enjoying the morning and I saw Zippy go into the brush at the back of the yard. He like to sleep there under the grapevines, so I did’t think that much about it. A couple of minutes later, it all hit the fan. I don’t know how the fox was able to sneak up on him. Maybe he just attacked him in the vines. It really doesn’t matter now. Zippy Kitty is gone. One day that fox will be, too.

My Grandfather was good at helping hurt animals and I am kind of good at it and I tried to help Zippy. Suffice to say that the clothes I was wearing this morning are now in the burnpile and I wasn’t able to help him

This is the only picture I have of him. When I got my new camera, I forgot to turn the flash off when I took his pic and it scared him, as did most things. From then on, he would disappear into the woods or under the car whe he saw the camera.