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Red Agate Slice necklace and other news

December 5, 2008

Man, that was a lot of  work for etsy.  I had to edit tons of pics, too, which I really dislike doing. So far, the starvingjewelryartist team has snagged lots of treasuries and I was even in one of them with my Red Agate Slice Necklace. I’ll get to those pics in a minute.

So, having been brave (maybe) and joined etsy, I took another leap and joined on online selling venue called have a monthly fee of  $7.00 and you get unlimited listings and can have up to 10 pics of each item. Like I need to try and set up another store, but I have. I’m at

All I have in there right now is ornament drapes. Haven’t gotten around to adding my jewelry yet.

Speaking of jewelry, here’s the Red Agate Slice Necklace I mentuoned earlier. It’s on a spiral chain made with silver lined Burnt Orange Delicas, matte med. topaz and silver lined med. topaz Miuyki seed beads from SeedBeadSue’s shop. hpim1025none-5


Bead stash pics

January 30, 2008

I finally got around to getting some pics of my bead stash taken.

These are DynaMite seed beads-size 11-made by Matsuno-from FMG (Fire Mountain Gems). They come in 40 gram boxes and I love them for looming and just about anything else. They are really consistant in size.

This is a pic of all my bugle beads. Some are Ornelas, some MingTree and the rest, just a mix of brands.

This is an assortment of seed beads from Delicas, Tohos, and Ornelas to just odd beads I’ve picked up here and there.

This is the MingTree stash. They come in 1/4 pound boxes from FMG, too. They are great for netting and un-structured stitches. They aren’t consistant enough in size for peyote or looming.

I get my Toho beads from Rings-n-Things and pretty much else from FMG. I like their assortable pricing and I like their “generic” beads like the DynaMites and MingTree.

With the excepton of size 13 charlottes, from R-n-T, most of my beads are 11’s, 8’s ad 6’s. Anything smaller than the 13’s, I can barely see.

So what’s in your stash?