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Red Agate Slice necklace and other news

December 5, 2008

Man, that was a lot of  work for etsy.  I had to edit tons of pics, too, which I really dislike doing. So far, the starvingjewelryartist team has snagged lots of treasuries and I was even in one of them with my Red Agate Slice Necklace. I’ll get to those pics in a minute.

So, having been brave (maybe) and joined etsy, I took another leap and joined on online selling venue called have a monthly fee of  $7.00 and you get unlimited listings and can have up to 10 pics of each item. Like I need to try and set up another store, but I have. I’m at

All I have in there right now is ornament drapes. Haven’t gotten around to adding my jewelry yet.

Speaking of jewelry, here’s the Red Agate Slice Necklace I mentuoned earlier. It’s on a spiral chain made with silver lined Burnt Orange Delicas, matte med. topaz and silver lined med. topaz Miuyki seed beads from SeedBeadSue’s shop. hpim1025none-5


Totally Teal Lariat

April 13, 2008

After the last necklace I made, I wanted to do one more spiral before I get back to the ornament drapes. I have never made a lariat, so I decided to make a spiral one. I used DyaMite transparent and matte, teal 11’s, Czech FP 4 & 6mm crystals and teal Ornela bugles. It’s kind of hard to tell that the necklace segments alternate transparent and matte, but they do.